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hey all
Today I will be reviewing a product from a company called TATHA
here is a look

Nature's Blessings    

Tatha is the wellness brand inspired by ancient Indian wisdom and healing techniques and derives it formulations by delving into the rich treasure trove of Mother Nature. We believe in healing, in a holistic manner, by enlivening the body's inner intelligence.

Tatha's wellness products are based on the ancient science of Aromatherapy. It helps in maintaining good health by stimulating the body's natural rejuvenating abilities and, at the same time, promoting longevity, alertness and enlightenment.

Tatha is totally commited to provide pure, natural, safe and effective products, thereby, enhancing and enriching the lives of all those we touch.

Blessed by the five elements of nature - Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire that makes the universe so special, it is infused with the energy that emanates from each of these elements.

All our products are handmade under strict quality supervision and are paraben, sulphate and chemical free and are not tested on animals. We use, only recyclable glass bottles for storing our products to maintain its purity, as we are aware that acrylic and plastic containers react with the essential ingredients used in Aromatherapy and loses its potency.

Our efforts are not only focused on personal wellness but on environment wellness also and this forms the core values of our brand that makes the Tatha experience so unique and enjoyable.
Personal Care:-

Tatha makes a wide range of products for Skin care, Body care, and Hair Care for both, men and women.

The range includes Massage Oils, Bath Oils, Face & Body Scrubs, Body Custards, Bath Salts, Shampoos, Shower Gels, Soaps, Face Creams, Lip Balms, Exilirs, Cleansers, Serums, Face Masks, Hair Oils and much more.

Skin Care:-  The skin is a  mirror that reflects the qualities of the blood and the body's plasma tissue. Our products reach deep into the dermal layer and gives long lasting effects and enhances emotional and physical being.

Body Care:-  The products work towards reestablishing harmony and balance and help in Detoxification. It facilitates rejuvenation, health, youth and vitality.

Hair Care:- The blends work with a holistic approach for hair care by maintaining its health and strength for long term. It nourishes the scalp and makes the hair thick, shiny and healthy while enhancing circulation.

Exclusive spa products:-

For the modern stressful lifestyle and exhausting ways, spa treatment has some immense benefits, which brings peace of mind and improves the general health condition by removing stressful feeling from your mind.

Our spa products delight the senses and rejuvenate both mind and body. We use the best quality of naturally sourced ingredients and combined with the healing powers of aromatherapy, our formulations promote health and well being for long term benefits.

The special Tatha spa treatments include:

Indian Ritual                        Balinese Ritual
Japanese Ritual                   Javanese Ritual
Maldivian Ritual                  Detox Ritual
Cellulite Ritual                    Couple Ritual

Tatha delivers total head to toe care by pampering...Naturally…and restoring the blissful balance of mind, body and soul
from the site...:
Please visit the website here
 What the website says about the product:

A fresher, glowing complexion will emerge after using one of our gentle facial scrubs. fine particles of oatmeal & almonds gently lifts dead skin cells whilst replenishing the skins natural oils.
INGREDIENTS - Avena Sativa, Prunus Amygdalus Var. Dulcus, Apis Mellifera, Prunus Amygdalus Var
mixed with water
 My Experience with the scrub:
THis face scrub comes in a royal  blue glass jar with a steel screwable lid.There is a small tag like  instruction leaflet attached with a string which i found Oh So cute!!!!
On pening the jar , there is no strong smell which is obvious,however on sniffing I found it to be like  a dairy smell.....something i would co relate with hmmmm...a milky smell with some herbs....which kind of dissappointed me.But to their credit,there was no artifiical smell either.
This is apparently made of oat meal and almonds,which I guess form the scrub part of it.
The appearance of the product is grainy.However ,on touch the granules are very soft,not like hard scrubby ones.
Take a tsp of the product in a plate.
add 1 tsp water /rose water and mix well
apply on face
leave for 2 minutes
wet hands and scrub the mask well. wash off with water
I did not have rose water with I use water.And applied it as instructed.. however,I left it for 5 minutes
My skin was glowing  after day one first use,I kid you not.It also felt smooth to touch .
after using the 2nd day consecutively...I found the same result...I have used it only for 4 days as of now everyday...and loove it.
Whether there are any long term effects still remains to be seen..;)
What I loved about it:

  1. smooth  skin.
  2. gives a glow.
  3. mild enough according to me to use everyday...(this has not been mentioned on the pack or anywhere else on the site ,So i assumed that was the case since its a herbal product!!!)
  4. no drying of skin
  5. did not break me out.
  6. No artificial fragrance
  7. This product is more like the Ubtan our mothers used to make us use when we were young....IT smells like the besan-malai thingy mom put n my face.....I told my mom that and she was so amused....that I remembered it ...I hated it back then..and now I will do anything o have my young skin back!!!LOL
  8. very small amount needed at a time ,so will go a long way 
  9. P.S My hubby used it too and he loves it too:P
What I Did not like about the  product
  1. I am a sucker for wow fragrances,so would want a ice smelling product on my face...however this is easily corrected with rose water.
  2.  expensive Rs 650 for 50 gm of product
  3. Jar form ..hygiene issue..however they have mentioned use a spoon.....
  4. a biit time consuming esp on a weekday morning..I have been using it in the evenings:P
would I repurchase  yes ..when I get  a chance to get to  the store..

stores at the following places
Tatha Skin Care Products available at-

  • Tatha - DLF Promenade Mall, 2nd Floor, Near Food Court, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Phone : +91-11-46520499                                          

  • Tatha - Shop No. SF-10 (First Floor), Galleria Market, DLF PH.IV, Gurgaon. Phone: +91-124-4016108                    

  • Bridgette Salon, Kolkata. Phone : +91-33-32526266  

  • Four Seasons Hotel, Worli, Mumbai.Phone : +91-22-24818000  
  • The Beauty Bar, Andheri(West), Mumbai. Phone : +91-22-322543300;+91-9819561136              
My rating 4/5
-1 for smell and cost...

product sent by company for review.this has not affected my opinion in any way


Ruby Girl said...

Looks like a great product. Maybe I'll give it a try one of these days! I'm all for softer fresher looking skin :) <3

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hello ruby girl thanks for visiting :)
i am so impressed by this now that have asked my mom and sis in law t try it as well...u should try it..if you are based out of india you could get it online:)

Of rainy days said...

sounds exciting.. just the price is an issue. however if there is some special occasion then this would be awesome to use before makeup.
an aside, i have noticed that products containing oats absorb water and swell up , thus being softened even further. you may want to soak this in some water / or rose water for 5 mins or so before you put it on.

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@ ORD...i do taht actually takes abt 3-4 minutes to dissolve!!

Hungover on Fashion said...

hmm..nice..I have been happy with my biotique for a long long time..

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hey debleena...was using biotique a well hoooked to this...

sumita das said...

Right now I hav ordered a night cream please let me know how it is..