Wednesday, June 8, 2011


hello preeeetttyyyy women,how r u doing??
Today I will be reviewing a product from MATTIFY COSMETICS,called MATTIFY COSMETICS ORIGINAL LOOSE POWDER.
MATTIFY COSMETICS is a company which  is a specialist in making products for oily skin.
They have a wide range of base and eye products.


Why mess around with oil-blotting sheets and touch ups with cakey colored powders?  Let your base cosmetics do the work for you! Whether you need a little bit of oil control or a lot, Mattify! Cosmetics provide adjustable oil absorption, depending on how you apply them.  
The entire line of Mattify! Transparent Powder
can be worn four different ways:
*Alone to minimize redness, pores & acne, while also absorbing oil
*Before foundation as primer to prevent acne & protect pores from makeup
*After foundation to create an airbrushed poreless finish and help makeup last
*BEFORE  and AFTER foundation for maximum oil absorption and skin clarity
Mattify! Powder can even be used as an eyeshadow primer to prevent creasing and allow for long lasting eye makeup.

Quantity..30 gm 

My experience with the product.
When I saw this powder for the first time,I was really apprehensive about how it would look.It was stark white.I thought it would make me look washed out and white like a ghost....
But Was I wrong???"
this beautiful powder.just covered my face in a pretty glow.and nothing OTT at all...I was pretty awed so to say..The first time I did have my foundation on ,so I was not convinced its  only the powder.The next morning I used it over my moisturiser and the glow was there again.
 My face is a oily usually after 2 hours,especially in non ac areas.
With this powder ,It was oil free for 5 -6 hours in humid mumabi weather.After 6 hours also I only neeed a touch up which lasted for 3 hours more...When used over my foundation it gives a pretty good matte effect.

I had used it over my MAc satinfinish which is pretty just emphasisied the glow but decreased the oiliness.
I have been using it since the past 8 odd days now and am falling in love.<3 <3

What I loved about the powder:

  • The powder is a very fine powder.
  • It is very light and does not feel heavy at all.
  • I use my buffer brush to apply it and it spreads very easily.
  • Very good oil control.
  • Gives a beautiful glow without the shine
  • very little amount used ,so will last long.
  • did not break me out.
  • does not cake on the face.
  •  no fragrance  to it,which makes it better for me.
  •  reasonable for the amount of powder.
  •  photos well
What I have a problem with.
  •  Its claims of an 8 hour matte effect is maybe fine for colder temperate climates,but in india,esp in mumbai its only4- 5 hours on a average
  • No spf
  • its not travel friendly.have to carry my brush along now.
  • Its loose powder and a bit messy if not used well , might lead to wastage.
MY RATING 4.5/5 ...............-.5 for no spf.
Mattify cosmetics has a wonderful range of products for oily skin as well as beautiful long lasting eyeshadows.
To buy them online ,visit their site here....


kuheli said...

very good review and a very good product fro oily skin people like us. :))

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

ya kuheli...true and thanks!!

Anonymous said...

this sounds great!! even 4-5 hours of oil control is quite good.
heard a lot about Mattify cosmetics..

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hey ankita..sorry for the late reply....
i love it actually...
more than a week i am using it..and i absolutely love it..i tgives a pretty glow to the face and the oiliness is under control well too...will buy it ..only wish it was retailed in india....