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hey all
This post is based on the I learnt something new series.Am sure all of you know how to do this but I just learnt a few new pointers and thought would share them with you.
All Of us know the secret to great makeup in addition to the persons skill of course ,a re the brushes used.
Therefore   its wise to invest in  good quality brushes.I do not own any from MAC ,but from The Body shop,Ambika Pillai,bourjois, and one Sigma brush.(which I will review soon)
Since I do not own any duplicats ,I dread washing my brushes,because then they take long long to dry and am left with nothing to do my makeup:(
So I searched On the internet about the correct way to wash and dry your brushes and here's  what I found......


  • Your makeup brushes will last for many years, or even a lifetime, if well taken care of.  On average brushes should be washed about every two weeks. 
  • All Brushes should be washed before first use.And dried completely .only then they should be used.This helps decrease shedding.
  •  For wash ,you can use  a   mild shampoo or anti-bacterial hand cleaner.
  • If your brush is made of natural hair, use a   little hair conditioner mixed in the shampoo/cleanser.  This will keep the bristles soft.
  • Take the shampoo or cleanser into your palm and swish the brushes gently tip first into the palm.then slowlyrun your fingers through the bristles to let the cleanser spread well.
  • Another method would be to make a cleansing solution with shampoo and some water in a  bowl and swirl them in  a bowl
  • for rinsing,gently rub in your fingers to clean all bristles(esp for kabuki /powder thick brushes).
  • Wash till water runs clear.Then squeeze them and wrap the head in a paper towel or a cloth towel...( I use a clothtowel)
  • Make sure not to wet the plastic stem or the part of the bristles closest to the stem.
  • leave them to dry upside down.This is  because leaving them to dry out standing will cause water to seep in the base and will loosen  the glue hold .
  • For kabukis,they should be tied with a rubber bannd around the midlle and then suspended from a  hanger or a hook upside down,so the drying process speeds up!
How often should they be washed..??
Now some sources mention every week,Some mention every 2-3 days...Of course if they are terribly dirty they have to be washed asap!!
Some sites mention they should be washed a s often as we wash our thats difficult for me,,,,coz I wash my hair practically everyday !!!
What I do is wash them every sunday and then thursday night!!
Another thing that could be done is wash them once a weelk or every 10 days but clean them with a hand cleanser like himalya hand sanitiser or such every 2 days to prevent cakeup of products!!
How did you find the article??how do you guys wash your brushes
.share your tips!!!
P.S the images have been taken from the web.If someone has copyright issues please let me know and I will remove them.


Pooja_G said...

Very useful post..thanks :)
and Good Morning to ya...

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hey pooja!! good morning!! thank u!!:)

Nivedita said...

Hi Shivani.Good morning. Nice post. I wash my brushes once a week on average. It also helps keeping break outs at bay.

prachi said...

great tips!!!! plz tell how to clean with a hand sanitizer... I think lip brushes can be cleaned that way daily

Neha S. said...

awesome article shivs..!
apart from washing them i do clean them with my dettol hand sanitizer before each and every use... since im prone to breakout i try too keep the bacteria away from the brush this was.. and its quick cleaning too coz the liquid soon evaporates leaving ur brushes dry in a jiffy!! :D

Rakhshanda said...

Thanks for sharing Shivani :D

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@nivi thank you...
@prachi ..i do clean my lip brushes every alternate day...not everyday though...also take a little hand sanitizer in the palm and swish the brush in it...a couple times repaet if necessary till all the product just dissolves away..and squeeze it a bit and dry vola...quick dry clean...

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said... do this too but with kabukis its an issue..need large amounts..also i do this once every alteranate day..thanks for the tip..ab me do b4 every use....
@rakshanda thank u:)

Dre@mer...!!! said...

Nice blog and great tips..thanks for sharing :) following u now :) chk my blog too!


Prachi said...

Nice post Shivani...I have 2 brushes and wash them every 2-3 days..

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@rekha thanks
@prachi thanks!

D.Sadie said...

Thanks so much for the tip!! I gotta change my cleaning style now. Haha.


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Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

u r welcome:))))))))))