Wednesday, April 6, 2011


hello beautiful people,
today I will be reviewing LAKME NINE TO  FIVE DUAL ACTION MAKEUP REMOVER.  I bought my first bottle 3 months ago and am on my second bottle now.(which Ipurchased 3 days ago.).

LAKME NINE TO  FIVE DUAL ACTION MAKEUP REMOVER : Removes all kind of face,lip and eye makeup.

The Packaging: It comes in a pink plastic spray bottle which is covered with a cap.The solution inside is transparent and double layered i.e thin solution at the bottom and an oily solution on the top.Before use,it sholud be shaken very well so that the two mix and beome one solution..To use , simply remove the cap, spritz on cotton wool and wipe off makeup. most of  lakme products.(to me, It smells like acetone)

Made My Wallet Lighter By: Rs 295/-

Quantity: 120 ml.

My experience with the product:
All in all, I have had a fairly good experience with the product.It  removes my face and lip makeup in a single swipe ,but for eyemakeup I need to swipe it 2-3 times,which acc. to me .defeats the purpose of eyemakeup remover.Before this I was using the eye makeup remover from ORIFLAME ad a single swipe was all it took to make my eyes akeup free.The only drawback with the oriflame was the availibility ,so I had to try out other brands and I stumbled across this one.

Spray bottle ,so no wastage.
Lasts pretty long, my first one lasted for  a good 3 months.
Works really well for face and lips.
Does not sting my  eyes.
Pretty reasonably priced.

Not a great eye makeup remover.
Sweetish smell which many may not like.
What is the meaning of dual action (face and eyes?????).Did not get that and the SA had no clue as well.

Will I repurchase?? yes,till I find an oriflame cosultant..Actually as I mentioned earlier am on my second bottle.Also I will continue using it for the face and use Oriflame for eye makeup.
-1 for poor eye makeup removal.-0.5 for the smell.
Whiich eyemakeup remover do you guys use?? Let me know!!!

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