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Hello ladies.

The other day,my blogger friend Tanveer of Addicted to Blush blogged about the new lakme fantasy shimmer bronzer.That was when I realised I dont own any and did not even know how to use one.(made a faux pass when I asked her if she uses it as a blusher or over her t zone heheheheh).She was gracious enought not to say DUH!! coz she knows am a newbie ;P  thanks tanveer!!.I then realised that once at MAC palladium the MUA had applied a light non shimery thingie to my T zone which she said was the bronzer!!!.SO am totally confused...decided to read up on it and here is what I came up with on the net..

  •    Fair – choose a honey colored bronzer
  •     Medium – enhanced by a rose-bronze or gold flecked bronzer
  •      Dark – look best with a “true” bronze such as tawny or amber. Can also shine with a gold flecked bronzer.
  •  Avoid orange bronzers in general..

Bronzers refer to both sunless tanning creams/sprays and powders used strategically on the face and body to get a sunny glow. Products are getting easier to use, better at conveying a natural look and eliminating possibility of user error, but there are still some basic things you should keep in mind when applying bronzer.

    Consistency is another factor to consider when choosing a bronzer. Choose a cream for dry skin since powder can look chalky and dry and pressed or loose powder for normal, combination and oily skin.

    On the Face
    If you want a simple sun-kissed look, go for a powder bronzer. First, you’ll want to search out a bronzer that is right for your skin tone. There are a ton to choose from, almost too many, so do a little research to see what other people have tried and already determined which ones look best on whom. When you’ve got your perfect bronzer, you want to apply it to areas that the sun would naturally hit first. This includes the cheekbones, the nose, the chin and the forehead—it’s not technically the face, but you can even hit the collar bones. This will give you a great glow when you just need a little more twinkle to your look. But, be careful about too much sparkle during the day—you don’t want people to need sunglasses in order to look at you!

    If you are using a cream on your face, make sure your skin is clean and dry; then begin working in a dime sized amount in small circles, staying away from eyes and eye-lids. Stop at the jaw-line, but also make sure you have blended well to avoid a hard line. For best results, exfoliate your skin beforehand—moisturize, then allow twenty minutes to a half hour for the moisturizer to absorb. This creates a smooth surface to begin on.

    On the Body
    If you’ve never used a bronzer before, it’s best to go with a lighter one to see how it looks and then go darker from there if you want. Bronzers for the body come in sprays as well as creams, so choose whatever sounds easiest for you to apply. Again, before you begin application, make sure your skin is clean and dry. Also, make sure you are well moisturized—if you have patches of dry skin, the bronzer will want to absorb more in that area, creating a darker spot. As with the face, use a moisturizer and allow a good twenty minutes to make sure it’s totally absorbed. Next, put on a shower cap and protective gloves so the palms of your hands don’t get stained. Then begin massaging into skin evenly. Use remainder of lotion on skin to work into ankles and knees.



    What are Bronzers and how do you Use Them?
    bronzing pearls(source..the net)


    It’s summertime and the product that can polish off all summer makeup looks is a facial bronzer. Unlike bronzers from the past, today’s bronzers create a more natural glow and, contrary to popular belief, are not only for darker skin tones and can be worn year round. Some of the benefits of using a facial bronzer include attaining a sunny tan without the harmful effects (wrinkles, sunspots, sunburn and skin cancer), adjusting color to individual preference and washing off color at the end of the day. The end effect is a fun, healthy glow that can enhance all skin tones. 
    Which bronzers do you guys use if at all??? let me know...:)


    Anonymous said...

    Nice post Shivani. I use Revlon sunkiss radiuex bronzer- its a mineral one and I love it! I've used it a lot in my blog posts also. TBS and Oriflame have the bronzing pearls kind of bronzer and I've been eyeing those for some time.

    Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

    thx ankita...should see revlon lik e the pearls too...they are soooooo pretty...though i dont know how to use them..

    From Broadway said...

    Love bronzers! Mac has some good ones.

    Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

    thanks .... will have a look at them the nxt time i visit mac store

    Tanveer Parmar said...

    Hey! I hope you are excited now about bronzers! One of my fav matt bronzers is plum brown from colorbar :)

    Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

    hey looking out for the same one,but yahhan ahi mil raha hai....always out of stock....