Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fashion and you...Whats the story????

hello ladies.....after the good ,now the not so good!!!
When I posted about my brushes this morning,boy,WAS I haaaapppppyyy??
Finally to have found a site like f and u ,which was so prompt in delivery and so meticulous in packaging...But then ,the bubble broke....:(
I happened to visit Rads site here MY WEEKEND RAMBLINGS and read this.Then Sanjeev from IMBB posted this here.
So what is the truth....what is the story????
My DH has always been against online shopping ...always.....and I have argued that the whole world does it,So why not me????
but are online shopping sites safe??
I was also interested in buying from strawberry.net  last year,but then I read some terrible reviews and kept away...Am Pretty confused right now...
Torn between the two..To shop or not to shop,is the BIG question.
Only If these sites show some honesty and work ethics,would they prosper and let us Indians take advantage of them,since all these products we die for are not available here...or are cheaper online...
I think,its the cheaper tag that attracts us,for in a city like Mumbai ,very few things would be unavailable.

So what should be done??Should we boycott them or ignore their flaws????
Am boycotting fashion and you for now...the rest ,hhmmmm,I don't know yet.Haven't done online shopping much...

What do you guys think???
let me know


kuheli/bulbul said...

heyyyyy!!! i didn't know u have a blog. im sorry. :( but now i wud visit u often. :))
and read radhika's post. i am glad i didnt buy anything frm FnU.

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hey kuheli(Lubbb the name:))...thanks for visiting and following my blog....radhikas post was such an eyeopener na??
have ordered some NYX from cherry culture...hope I get it ...nahi to bahut lecture from hubby due hai...khikhikhi
P.S Please don't say sorry....

kuheli/bulbul said...

:P :P :P
thankuuu, my name was given by my grandmaa. :)

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

lovely ....precious name then

Sonia said...

Shopping online can be a bit frustrating at times but then until you venture out you won't know for sure.Fashion and you has garnered a lot of negative reviews and I'm glad that I never bought from them.And I'm never buying from them plus they have totally spammed my mobile with messages.

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

true sonia...I have ordered some stuff from cherry culture too...read about it from ur blog..will let u know when it comes..

Anonymous said...

Hi Shivani

you're not the only one to have had an unsatisfactory experience with FnY. I'm from Mumbai too. Me and my friends have had very unpleasant experiences with them and continue to. We've decided to boycott FnY for now.

I've created a facebook page to raise awareness as I'm certain we're not the only ones to have suffered at the hands of the morons at FnY. Please feel free to share your experience/s on the link below.


Kind regards

Anonymous said...

I'm also having a bad experience with Fashion and You. Had placed my orders in Nov 2010 (for a perfume) and unfortunately paid by my debit card! They never sent me the perfume for months and after several calls and arguments, THEY cancelled this order because they did not have the perfume!!!! Its been 9 months now and I'm still waiting for them to refund the amount to me... and this has happened with TWO of my orders... so its not a one off case!
The customer service associate says only one thing to me each time I call - "We're sorry for the inconvenience caused; we have forwarded your request to the refund department" !!!! Don't know what to do ... its so upsetting!

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

oh poja sorry to hear that...i have ordered 45 times from fashon and you but always cod and have recieved products safely eveytime....but am wary after a few blogger friends spoke abt bad experiences......:(