Wednesday, April 6, 2011


hello everyone .

..I will be reviewing the cheek artist Kiss Of Rose from the LAKME FANTASY COLLECTION.This has been reviewed by almost everyone ,but I am going to have a very small review and post the picture.The picture , in fact is sooo yummm..that it has prompted me to do this mini post....
The product
The LAKME CHEEK ARTIST in 'kiss of a rose 'is a cream blush .  It comes in small tube like packaging,to be used in a twisting fashion.It has  a lid over the blush per se, beneath the cap , to prevent trauma to the creamy blush..
Wanted to buy the NYX cream blush ...but after this (also considering , its cheaper)I don't know whether I will buy NYX...Or I might still buy it  ;p

creammmyyyyyyyyy ain't it??

And Is it creammmmmy or what..Its super soft easily blendable and spreads easily.I use my fingers to apply it , but use a hand sanitizer before every use too.
It gives me a natural flush. Its pretty buildable though, so you can also use it for office or a party look as the occasion demands.
It lasts pretty long for 3 hours - 4 hours (but that was in the A.c) have not tried it in a non AC  environment.
Also I used my colorbar peach blush over this which lasted for almost 6 -7 hours.

One CON  ;the creaminess might lead to damage sometimes if one is not careful.
Also the box  mentions that it is to be applied directly on to the cheeks,which IMHO ,is going to be disastrous.
I am definitely going to repurchase this.,...

Rating 5/5

 bye everyone


Tanveer Parmar said...

I really like this blush too :)

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@ tanveer :))))

Varsha said...

Oh its OK for oily skin...I have oily skin and rejected it for the same reason...

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@varsha since its a cream blush you can set it with loose powder...since you will be applying it over your foundation f/b compact or lp so it doesnt slick