Tuesday, May 3, 2011


hello all, today I will be discussing some natural ways to color hair
as requested by VARSHA of a few fragrant flowers......this ones for u varsha,
She wanted to know what could be done to color her gray roots.......
well after the obvious answer ..dye it.....here are some natural methods too
The most commonly usedone is Henna application to hair....

Henna makes your hair shiny, healthy, and strong!

Henna has safely colored and conditioned w's hair for at least six thousand years and it does a lovely job!
Henna has tannin in it and the tannin molecules bind into keratin (hair) molecules and make the fibers physically stronger, like winding threads together to make a stronger string. After you henna hair, it is softer, stronger,  it tangles less, and the split ends disappear.

Traditionally, henna was believed to have the quality of "Baraka" meaning "blessedness" or "grace."  It was believed to be able to avert the evil eye and thwart demons that caused disease, depression and misbehavior.  Your regular hair dye never did that for you!;P

Every woman's hair will come up a bit different with henna, because henna is natural vegetable tannin that stains your hair.  Henna is a translucent stain.  Hennaing your hair is like coloring with a red-orange crayon on black paper, brown paper, or manila paper.  Hennotannin molecules lodge into the keratin of your hair and those molecules are red-orange.  The color of the paper shows through the crayon and the result is a blend of the two.  Thus, every person's hair will come up differently with henna.  The henna tannin molecules are red-orange,  and stain pure white hair the same color of a ginger cat's red fur. On dark hair, these molecules catch the light in the sunshine, so hair will be somewhat reddened and will have glossy red highlights with henna.

  • If your hair is blonde, henna may make it vibrant red or strawberry blonde.
  • If your hair is red, henna will restore vibrant red color and glossiness that you lose to age and sun damage.
  • If your hair is mousy brown, henna may make it rich red or copper penny red.
  • If your hair is medium brown, your hair may come up the color of an Irish Setter dog.????? ;p
  • If your hair is dark brown, it will be deep chestnut with red highlights in the sunshine.(LIKESSS)
  • If your hair is black, it will be very dark chestnut with red highlights.( this should work for you varsha)
If your hair has gone all gray, henna may make it orange
Mix up the henna with lemon juice until it's the consistency of yogurt. Some ladies use red wine or vinegar to mix... Use anything that is acidic and smells good to you. No need to stink up yourself or the house.  Let that sit overnight. You do that to let the dye release from the leaves.  That's really all that's necessary.
this information has been taken from a internet site.....
  • I used to use this method for many many years...tht was when my grays were few and only at the roots....Henna +yoghurt+amla all kept overnight and ya...some tea extract...it turned my hair beautiful ...but now with so many gray hair It started turning orangish,so I turned to synthetic hair color.....

Once I did start coloring my hair synthetically,I could not look back...The color was uniform and hair glossier...thanks to loads of chemicals:p
  • Also you can try a black color from a non ammonia containing dye ...just for your roots .....
also traditionally ,amla and Ritha can be used after boiling and straining....but am too lazy for that......My mom used to do it for me when I was young.
  • Some other sites have used chamomile extract,sage extract,beetroot extract,rosemary  and indigo NEEL the one used for clothes???...for natural hair coloring ut these are pretty short lasting and mehnat inducing....;p
  • Also its better to use PUR#E henna or mehend..avoid using henna called black henna or hair henna as they contain chemicals.


anamika said...

very nice info Shivani...loved reading it:)

kuheli/bulbul said...

good info. but i am always scared of coloring my hair with synthetic colors. i fear that i might go bald. :P :(

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@anamika thankoooo
@ bulbul...u r young now....you can try using henna or tea leaves concotion ...too early for dyes yet!!

Matthew said...

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