Saturday, March 26, 2011


hello ladies and girls,:)
a very good morning to you.All of us have a HG product....well, this is my HG lip color....i am on my 3rd (or is it the 4 th one ??) tube right now and almost 2 yrs ago got introduced to it...i wear it almost everyday.

what the REVLON site says about it:
Lipstick so soft and smooth you won't believe it's long-lasting. Hours and hours of luscious, feel good color in one smooth step.
The shade i own is FABULOUS FIG(no 325)....a very very pretty mauvish berry grape color( oh god !!!Whats with all these colors??.Hope i can describe it well,since its a beauuutifulll beauutiifulll shade...
It comes in a black case with a transparent lid which shows the color .

 QUANTITY:3.2 grams which is Ok..but it lasts pretty long (i use it almost everyday),since the pigmentation is good.
SHADES : Its available in 12 shades , but everywhere that i have asked they have 8 shades max.
Another good shade is Satin rosewood.
COST:Rs 580/-to 600/-( i got them at these two rates at two different malls!!!)

THE COLOR as i mentioned already is a pinkish mauvish berry shade..would look lovely on all indian skin tones.I am  NC42-43 and it looks good on me.My friend who is a NC 40 loves it too, it brings out her thin lips beautifully.
It is well  pigmented,but not very highly, in the sense two swipes are way better than one..very buildable though.

THE FEEL and STAYING POWER : Its a smooth and creamy lipcolor..since it belongs to the colorstay range, goes on MATTE.It is creamy though and does not dry the lips for 2-3 hours.However later my lips do feel a weee bit dry.That maybe cause i do not apply a lip balm prior to the lipstick.
It does bleed sometimes on me,but i usually have this lip smacking habit which may be the cause.Does not feather though
I have tried applying lip balm after the lip color but that reduces the staying power.
After 3-4 hours it fades but leaves an even tint which i love..

Also the FRAGRANCEis like cookies which i love, yummm!!


  • Super soft, smooth texture 

  • Good pigmentation in a couple of swipes

  • Stays fairly well on lips for 3-4 hours even after mild eating/drinking

  • Fades evenly leaving tint on lips

  • the transparent cover is a big help .

  •  CONS: slightly steep price for 3.2 gms(but it lasts long , so worth it).

               the casing is nothin grand or fancy.

    Rating 5/5     yes,yes i love it soo much:))
    REPURCHASE??? yes yes yes !!!!!


    bhumika said...

    hey nice blog shivani..following u..:)

    Tanveer Parmar said...

    That is a very pretty shade :)

    Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

    @bhumika thank you so much ..appreciate it.
    @tanveer..hai na???will look fab on you..try it if possible..:)

    Priti said...

    Love this shade looks very gud ...glad to follow you

    Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

    thanks priti.:)

    Anonymous said...

    This shade is so pretty! And quite popular too from what I hear. A friend of mine recommended this shade to me recently. I have Satin Rosewood from this range :)

    Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

    glad you like it ankita..I to lovvve planning to rebuy satin rosewood..had it some time ago,but gave it away to a cousin who fell for it:))