Friday, March 25, 2011

MAC VERVE SATIN LIPCOLOR Review and swatches

hello ladies,
since my babies are asleep now...i have some time to do another review today...yayyyy!!
this one is for VERVE...My first ever MAC lippy...
i just got introduced to MAC a few months ago..i mean i knew theres a MACsomewhere in town (JUHU)
which is far  far far way from where i stay..and with a job and 2 way i could go to MAC alone...did not want this entire band baaja baaraat to accompany me either.:)
finally a few months ago I realised I was a fool and a big one at that.MAC was at 5 places in mumbai (so MAC iiliterate ,I know)
finanllllyyyy went to MAC palladium where i got my first haul..which included this lip color.

MAC VERVE lipstick is a beautiful brownish pink shade.I thought it looked more mauvish  brown in the store light though.In the swatches below..they look more pinkish...but on the lips and in the tube they are more of a pinkish brown shade...

VERVE lipcolor belongs to the SATIN range of lipsticks which promise a satiny soft smooth application.
here are the swatches with a single and double swipe..

the color...its a kinda my MLBB shade for me...very wearable to work ...or even for an outing..might not really be good for partying-sharting though....;)
the FEEL , ..Its smooth and slick...not like the creme range though(tried a few at the MAC store).
The lasting power is a good 3-4 hhours after mild eating/drinking....OKOK i eat my lipstick literally so it is good time according to me..
the fragnance..mild vanilla..which i loveeeed on my lips.
you can feel it on your lips...though not heavily.
Also does not dry out my lips...did not apply lip balm before the lipstick

Only the price...(but then its MAC,so i guesss its ok..)
RATING: 4/5 deducted 1 point for the cost and the lip case(VERY bland).
But again thats what MAC is all about..
All in all.. a pretty  daily use shade  with decent lasting power

REPURCHASE..yes when my tube gets over and my wallet is FULL hehehehe


Anonymous said...

This shade looks perfect for NC 40-42 skin tones. I've never tried SATIN finish lipsticks from MAC. In fact, I've only tried one lipstick from MAC n thats 'Cosmo'..lovely pink shade and amplified creme finish. Do try it out next time if you're looking for a dusty pink shade.

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hi ankita ,yes u r right this does look nice...i am an NC42-43
.i saw cosmo in the store too.but because of the lighting maybe it looked a little dull as a swatch on my hand...ill try it out on my lips next time...cos in all the blog pics it looks really nice...will let you know

Rakhshanda said...

Lovely shade!! Looks gorgeous <3

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

thanks would go well on all indian skintones I think..:)

Rads said...

I can't see any of the's just showing black background and a white exclamation mark kinds :|

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

dont know what happened??..will reupload pics!!