Tuesday, March 29, 2011



"How many MORE lipsticks do you need honey????Is there anything that annoys you MORE than this question...?? or maybe this one  "SOOOOOO may blushes/lipglosses/mascaras???????.OR,rs  for1000/- a lipstick????are you sure its a 1000 bucks for one?????Maybe you heard her(read SA/My times UA) WRONG!!!!!!!!![ thankfully in my case its nor DH who has these doubts,but my mother and my father...!! so very typical...!and to think of it I am one now,still get lectures on how to not overspend..bwaahhahah]

How many times have we, makeup fanatics, heard this??Is it wrong to pursue your passion??Or  wrong to want to buy that one shade..from that one brand,that we have  been drooling over since the last time we spent money on makeup(read,LAst week)>>>:))).

So are we obsessed with makeup??Went to this blog beauty broadcast  and read  this post. found it quite funny really.Read this at beauty broadcast here.

I am guilty of most of them actually...like having a monthly budget for makeup ...GOD!!!!
SO girls/ladies are YOU obsessed with makeup???
Whats your sign to know you are???
Let me know!!!


Ling Tung said...

My hubby says that ALL the time!! He is shocked at how much beauty and cosmetic products I have. And I buy more and more

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hi ling thanks for following...:))
my mom and dad usually commet on my purchases boldly...hubby's comments are usually subtler...errrr honey dont you have a similar shade of lipstick we JUST got last week/month..heheheh

Sonia said...

Hey Shivani every girl is obsessed with makeup.It is a healthy outlet for our emotions unlike guys who obsess over the silliest things possible.Thanks for your comments on my blog.And I'm so glad to hear that the foundation worked for you.I've been using it for a week now and so far no complaints.

Ik said...

OMG, I get this from my mum, and most of my friends. but I still feel I know the difference between my want and need. that doesn't stop me from splurging. But now, I know that I wont splurge further till I get my regular paychecks!:P awesome post! :D

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hi sonia thanks for following...ya so true..why shouldbiys have all the fun??THIS is our idea of fun!!
@iK thanks ..:) thats a good decision..me to guilty of havig a makeup/handbag budget monthly...heheh..so many of my friends own one lipstick and one kajal .they think i am totally nuts...somehow i have stopped caring...its my life(and my money..hheheheheh)

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

meant boys