Saturday, March 26, 2011


hello everyone,
I am a very recent MAC addict...:).On my first haul i got  my first eyeliner from MAC...wanted to go for a black one but the SA told me to buy the Auto -De -BLu a greyish blue shade in a retractable form.. And then i also went and bought the graph black, since i lovveeee kajal/eyeliners inspite of currently owning many blackeyeliners from COLORBAR (I define),MAXFACTOR,CHAMBOR etc.

A mechanical pencil-style liner. In formula, soft and creamy, with an intense, rich, colour deposit. Blends on application: dries quickly to a long-wear, non-smudge finish. Versatile.An easy way to line the top and lower lash line of the eye. When applied at a 90 degree angle, provides a thin precision line. For thicker application, apply at a flat angle.
I have been using both of them for around two weeks plus now..

here are both of them..

The COLOR: The TECHNAKOHL eyeliners are well pigmented.
The blue one (AUTO-DE-BLU) brings out the white of eyes without looking very in your face blue.Since i work with children,don't wanna scare them ;) lol....On a serious note the color is a grayish blue which does look nice.even for the day.AT night it cannot be distinguished as a blue gray liner,looks dark gray esp. in yellow light.
Also if i have not concealed my dark circles well,the blue does not stand out(obviously).So if you have no dark circles or light ones ,it would look great  on you.The MUA was wearing this the other day.It looked Fab on her.

auto -de - blu thin line and thick

graphblack thin line and thick

The GRAPHBLACK according to the MUA at MAC inorbit was a very very fast running shade and in great demand. SO ended up buying it in place of the fluidline(acc to the SA if you are short of time,it was always better to buy a pencil).And I am always short of time:))The graphblack is a nice dense black,however i want more dense...i need to layer it quite a bit..for the dark 'kajaled'eye look
The TECHNAKOHL eyeliners are smooth ,slide on easily and do not tug.
They can be applied precisely on the waterlines as well...I tried tightlining with the GRAPHBLACK and it came out pretty well.

 Acc to the MUA they are smudge proof  but not waterproof????
but then if you apply them on the waterline,like kajal they will smudge??When I tried both of them . I got different results.
The GRAPHBLACK did not smudge for a good 6-8 hours.At the end of 8 hours it had faded a bit.
The AUTO-DE-BLU ,however smudged and faded fairly quickly,within 3-4 hours.
Don't know why.
Every time the same thing happens.Black stays more than the blue one.

Smooth ,slick.
does not tug or pull.
fairly smudge proof.
retractable so no need of sharpening.

Its a good but not great product.My Chambor waterproof as well as y Colorbar I define in black give a more rich look.Since it is retractable the problem of hygiene is always there.Though as long as you are not sharing the product you should be fine

REPURCHASE: maybe the AUTO-DE-BLU,only for the shade.
Might go for fluidline or feline next.

 MADE MY WALLET LIGHTER BY: Rs 1000 INR/- for each.


Have any of you tried the technakohl? how did you find them??would you prefer the fluidline over them??


bhumika said...

nice if they are smudge proof...

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

yes bhumika, they are somewhat smudgeproof,,as i said the black one more ....the chambor transferproof (tattoo)one is more smudge proof,but is irritating to my eyes si has to be layered on top of a saada one

Anonymous said...

I've got Smolder and I love how black it is! However it starts fading and smudging esp if I touch my eyes. Setting with powder helps quite a bit. Auto-de-bleu is very similar to MAC Siahi and a lovely color!

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

gotta ecide between smolder and fluidline and feline next..ohhhhhhhh the choices one has to make ;p

Anonymous said...

Definitely Feline! I'd recommend not to get Smolder since it smudges esp on the lid. Feline has much better staying power and its quite smudgeproof. Fluidline is a not so convenient when you're in a hurry..with the hassles of brush n everything. Pencils r much more convenient. Feline is in limited edition though so pick it up soon before it goes out of stock!

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

ad since i have a supra major case of the panda eyes ...smolder will only make it worse!!
Feline it is then,MAC trip on weekend ir seems!!!heheh