Monday, May 30, 2011

Chambor SMOOTH ON liquid eyliner review and swatches

hello everyone...
My post today will be a review of one of the most amazing liquid eyeliners I have used......
I have used many of them, actually,Revlon,maybelline ,and Lakme of course.I had also used the hard tip ones...but am not comfortable with those...(hard tip ones) paranoid about them poking my eye....(that has happened,so maybe I was justified in being paranoid).

I wanted a good smooth eyeliner,which was glossy...hmmmm..but not too glossy and long lasting and something which was darkkkkk darkkk darkkkk....
And I found that....
here's what the website says:


High-performance liquid eyeliner: it is characterised by immediate colour release.

  • It draws a full, long lasting stroke and guarantees good application control.
  • The formulation incorporates fast-drying acrylic polymers that produce a continuous, persistent film.
  • The product fixes perfectly to the skin, without smudging.
  • These special additives, with water-resistant properties, help the pigment last for hours, even when it comes into contact with water.
  • The finish is bright, intense and characterised by high coverage.
It is available in 4 shades 


I have the black one
Price Rs 395 INR.

My experience:
What I loved:
  1. I have been using this almost everyday since at least a 2 weeksesp for work.
  2. It glides on smoothly.
  3. Its neither runny nor clumpy....its a little gel like  ...more viscious than other liquid liners I have used.
  4. The brush is such that  you can draw lines of different thickess with it easily...
  5. it is a dark dark black.the pigmentation is intense but not too glossy.
  6. It stays really long.
  7. Smudge proof ,unless you are planning to rub your eyes like reallyyyyyy hard.
  8. Not water proof.,on washing with water .comes off easily without tugging at the  lids.
  9. No irritation to the eyes.
  10. No feathering,flaking.
What I did not love.....
Nothingg actually..i loved all....

Wil I buy it again
Yes...when this gets over....I was thinking of getting MAc fluidline...but its not so dark and my lids are super i need blackest black to show on them.....

have you used this???
lemme know


Zestful Uzma said...

This looks like a promising product,Dr.Shivani!
& the swatch is very clear

Calicoaster said...

Looks quite nice Shivani!! :) :)

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@Uzma...I was also very surprised when i/swatched it at the its my hg liquid liner
@kimi.....thanku...try karo!!

Unknown said...

sounds really nice shivani.

Nivedita said...

Wow. I love black liners. This looks gorgeous black. but I prefer lakme Insta liner or Elle 18, those are also very dark and water resistant. But you have tempted me very successfully >:P

mitha said...

Hi shivani, By the way how do u compare it with maybelline gel liner?
is it safe to be used on waterline ?

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@bhumika thanku
@nivi khareed lo jaldi:) u will like it yaar me havet tried it on water line..will try and let you know
Oh and compared to the Maybelline gel wala...its pretty flid...Lasting maybe 6-7 hours...apparently maybelline wala lasts all day na??

Raaga said...

Hi Shivani :D I like the packaging and mgt give tis try wen my eyeliner gets over :) nice review :)

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

thanku shweta...try karna and let me know