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okk...I have a its not makeup...ok makeup is one of   my  fetishes too....But the one I am talking about today is  HANDBAGS........Ohhhhhhhhhhh i lovvvve them....i have currently got 8  running and i want more!!!! more and more!!!
Here are some pics on colors and brands I drool over...
in this part I cover Pink,Red, green , and Orange.
The next one will be white black tan and yellow!!I love the red and pinks and the greens OHHHHH!!!! i love the all!! any color,any brand,usually big ones !!!mwaahhhhhhh
Have a look and drool...:))))






Am drooling all over my lappy!!;)
My fav in pink is the unbranded and the YSl
in green its the juicy couture
In the red Versace,and chanel and Chloe!!
In orange FENDI
(have the bllack like Fendio orange as well
So,girls did you like any of them??Which one caught your fantasy the most????
Tell tell!!!!

DISCLAIMER:::::I dont claim any  ownership of the above pictures. They have been taken from If anyone has copyright issues, then please contact me and i shall definitely removw them.

Home made masks for the summers!!!

Summers are here again!!And once again sweat,grime and oiliness are our best friends.Esp.for those with a skin type like mine..Combination/oily skin.

I am basically really LAZY and want everything ready .When I was young and that was quite a few years ago :) I had Mom do the Ubtan/mask routine for me.She made me wash my hair with yogurt...and egg too.Was never fond of the fragrance that followed me after the later one ,esp. because it made me go solo for the next  couple of days(since no one would come near me coz of the stench)
Later as Igrew ,it was mehendi/henna on my hair (for conditioning).
Now as I have turned into a mother myself, am learning new ways to make home that I can pass on my knowledge to my daughter as well.(OK , son too,since there is no gender bias on looking Well groomed these days).I hope that I my daughter thinks of me as a knowledgeable mom who has so many tricks(Read,ghar ke nuskhe) up her sleeve...:)
here are a few masks Iusually use in summers..for my face >Also have added my favorite hair mask as well.
These were searched 2 years ago from the internet,and have modified them a bit.
My modification is shown with an asterisk.

Cucumbers are the bland vegetables,which usually adorn salads and raitas.They are usually eaten more in summers as they have cooling properties.In addition ,they also have astringent like action when applied to the skin and can be used as a toner too.(have not tried that though.)

My first face mask...I have got good results with this one:
  1. Cucumber & Yogurt Mask
This one is good for combination skin
1/2 cucumber
1 tbsp plain/natural yogurt
Puree the cucumber in a blender. Mix in the yoghurt. Apply all over face and neck. Relax for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water, then follow with a splash of cold water.
*My TIP : I also add a bit say 1/4 tsp of lime juice to it, for a bleaching effect.
The yoghurt and cucumber cool the skin.Yoghurt makes it softer.The lime juice has a bleaching effect.
and also the cucumber closes pores.My skin feels really soft to touch and  bright.Usually use it before a outing.

2. Cucumber Anti-Blemish Face Mask
1-inch chunk of cucumber
1 drop lavender/ patchouli essential oil
1 egg white
few drops lemon juice
Whizz the cucumber in a blender until it becomes completely liquid, then add the drop of rosemary essential oil. Whisk the egg white until stiff, fold in the cucumber mixture and smooth over the face avoiding the eyes and mouth area. Remove after 15 minutes using a clean, damp washcloth.
My tip....
 When I first  tried this mask I found it to be I add a 1 tbsp of Multani mitti(fuller's earth ).to make it into a pack like consistency.
  With the egg it might cause drying ,so people with dry skin may use 1tsp honey and  or those with oily skin who do not want to use egg may use fullers earth 1tbsp and 1tsp honey .
This is used as a anti tanning  mask once in 10 day.Do try this

I found this from the net too. but haven't tried it yet. once i do will update it.

3. Cucumber with honey for a Cucumber-Honey Toner
1 medium Cucumber, peeled and cut up into pieces
2 teaspoon. Honey
Puree cucumber in a blender. Line a sieve with cheesecloth and set the sieve over a glass bowl or measuring cup. Pour the cucumber puree through the sieve and let it stand for 15 minutes for the juices to drip into the bowl. Pour the clear juice into a clean bottle and add honey. To use, shake the bottle and saturate a cotton pad with the lotion. Sweep over face, neck and chest morning and night, and let it air dry (about 3 to 4 minutes). Store covered in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Makes about 1/2 cup.

My super simple hair mask
1 ripe banana
1/2 cup dahi /yoghurt
Blend the banana well.add dahi.blend some more.massage this mask into your scalp and then layer it on hair like you do while applying hair color...or mehendi.
wash after 1/2 hour.And voila,super soft smooth well conditioned hair.
If you have an oily scalp ,you can use half the quantity of shampoo you usually use rinse off extra oilyness.For those with dry brittle hair..just rinse off the mask and you are done!!
Hope you try these super simple masks at home.So let me know

Tuesday, March 29, 2011



"How many MORE lipsticks do you need honey????Is there anything that annoys you MORE than this question...?? or maybe this one  "SOOOOOO may blushes/lipglosses/mascaras???????.OR,rs  for1000/- a lipstick????are you sure its a 1000 bucks for one?????Maybe you heard her(read SA/My times UA) WRONG!!!!!!!!![ thankfully in my case its nor DH who has these doubts,but my mother and my father...!! so very typical...!and to think of it I am one now,still get lectures on how to not overspend..bwaahhahah]

How many times have we, makeup fanatics, heard this??Is it wrong to pursue your passion??Or  wrong to want to buy that one shade..from that one brand,that we have  been drooling over since the last time we spent money on makeup(read,LAst week)>>>:))).

So are we obsessed with makeup??Went to this blog beauty broadcast  and read  this post. found it quite funny really.Read this at beauty broadcast here.

I am guilty of most of them having a monthly budget for makeup ...GOD!!!!
SO girls/ladies are YOU obsessed with makeup???
Whats your sign to know you are???
Let me know!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another super giveaway by MADIHA of MAdihas makeup blog

hello beautiful people,heres some real good news.Madiha of MAdihas makeup blog is hosting a giveaway..and she has really amazing products to give away.Sigma brushes and MAC pigments.HOw cooli s that???

see this linkhere

Saturday, March 26, 2011


hello everyone,
I am a very recent MAC addict...:).On my first haul i got  my first eyeliner from MAC...wanted to go for a black one but the SA told me to buy the Auto -De -BLu a greyish blue shade in a retractable form.. And then i also went and bought the graph black, since i lovveeee kajal/eyeliners inspite of currently owning many blackeyeliners from COLORBAR (I define),MAXFACTOR,CHAMBOR etc.

A mechanical pencil-style liner. In formula, soft and creamy, with an intense, rich, colour deposit. Blends on application: dries quickly to a long-wear, non-smudge finish. Versatile.An easy way to line the top and lower lash line of the eye. When applied at a 90 degree angle, provides a thin precision line. For thicker application, apply at a flat angle.
I have been using both of them for around two weeks plus now..

here are both of them..

The COLOR: The TECHNAKOHL eyeliners are well pigmented.
The blue one (AUTO-DE-BLU) brings out the white of eyes without looking very in your face blue.Since i work with children,don't wanna scare them ;) lol....On a serious note the color is a grayish blue which does look nice.even for the day.AT night it cannot be distinguished as a blue gray liner,looks dark gray esp. in yellow light.
Also if i have not concealed my dark circles well,the blue does not stand out(obviously).So if you have no dark circles or light ones ,it would look great  on you.The MUA was wearing this the other day.It looked Fab on her.

auto -de - blu thin line and thick

graphblack thin line and thick

The GRAPHBLACK according to the MUA at MAC inorbit was a very very fast running shade and in great demand. SO ended up buying it in place of the fluidline(acc to the SA if you are short of time,it was always better to buy a pencil).And I am always short of time:))The graphblack is a nice dense black,however i want more dense...i need to layer it quite a bit..for the dark 'kajaled'eye look
The TECHNAKOHL eyeliners are smooth ,slide on easily and do not tug.
They can be applied precisely on the waterlines as well...I tried tightlining with the GRAPHBLACK and it came out pretty well.

 Acc to the MUA they are smudge proof  but not waterproof????
but then if you apply them on the waterline,like kajal they will smudge??When I tried both of them . I got different results.
The GRAPHBLACK did not smudge for a good 6-8 hours.At the end of 8 hours it had faded a bit.
The AUTO-DE-BLU ,however smudged and faded fairly quickly,within 3-4 hours.
Don't know why.
Every time the same thing happens.Black stays more than the blue one.

Smooth ,slick.
does not tug or pull.
fairly smudge proof.
retractable so no need of sharpening.

Its a good but not great product.My Chambor waterproof as well as y Colorbar I define in black give a more rich look.Since it is retractable the problem of hygiene is always there.Though as long as you are not sharing the product you should be fine

REPURCHASE: maybe the AUTO-DE-BLU,only for the shade.
Might go for fluidline or feline next.

 MADE MY WALLET LIGHTER BY: Rs 1000 INR/- for each.


Have any of you tried the technakohl? how did you find them??would you prefer the fluidline over them??


hello ladies and girls,:)
a very good morning to you.All of us have a HG product....well, this is my HG lip color....i am on my 3rd (or is it the 4 th one ??) tube right now and almost 2 yrs ago got introduced to it...i wear it almost everyday.

what the REVLON site says about it:
Lipstick so soft and smooth you won't believe it's long-lasting. Hours and hours of luscious, feel good color in one smooth step.
The shade i own is FABULOUS FIG(no 325)....a very very pretty mauvish berry grape color( oh god !!!Whats with all these colors??.Hope i can describe it well,since its a beauuutifulll beauutiifulll shade...
It comes in a black case with a transparent lid which shows the color .

 QUANTITY:3.2 grams which is Ok..but it lasts pretty long (i use it almost everyday),since the pigmentation is good.
SHADES : Its available in 12 shades , but everywhere that i have asked they have 8 shades max.
Another good shade is Satin rosewood.
COST:Rs 580/-to 600/-( i got them at these two rates at two different malls!!!)

THE COLOR as i mentioned already is a pinkish mauvish berry shade..would look lovely on all indian skin tones.I am  NC42-43 and it looks good on me.My friend who is a NC 40 loves it too, it brings out her thin lips beautifully.
It is well  pigmented,but not very highly, in the sense two swipes are way better than one..very buildable though.

THE FEEL and STAYING POWER : Its a smooth and creamy lipcolor..since it belongs to the colorstay range, goes on MATTE.It is creamy though and does not dry the lips for 2-3 hours.However later my lips do feel a weee bit dry.That maybe cause i do not apply a lip balm prior to the lipstick.
It does bleed sometimes on me,but i usually have this lip smacking habit which may be the cause.Does not feather though
I have tried applying lip balm after the lip color but that reduces the staying power.
After 3-4 hours it fades but leaves an even tint which i love..

Also the FRAGRANCEis like cookies which i love, yummm!!


  • Super soft, smooth texture 

  • Good pigmentation in a couple of swipes

  • Stays fairly well on lips for 3-4 hours even after mild eating/drinking

  • Fades evenly leaving tint on lips

  • the transparent cover is a big help .

  •  CONS: slightly steep price for 3.2 gms(but it lasts long , so worth it).

               the casing is nothin grand or fancy.

    Rating 5/5     yes,yes i love it soo much:))
    REPURCHASE??? yes yes yes !!!!!

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    MAC VERVE SATIN LIPCOLOR Review and swatches

    hello ladies,
    since my babies are asleep now...i have some time to do another review today...yayyyy!!
    this one is for VERVE...My first ever MAC lippy...
    i just got introduced to MAC a few months ago..i mean i knew theres a MACsomewhere in town (JUHU)
    which is far  far far way from where i stay..and with a job and 2 way i could go to MAC alone...did not want this entire band baaja baaraat to accompany me either.:)
    finally a few months ago I realised I was a fool and a big one at that.MAC was at 5 places in mumbai (so MAC iiliterate ,I know)
    finanllllyyyy went to MAC palladium where i got my first haul..which included this lip color.

    MAC VERVE lipstick is a beautiful brownish pink shade.I thought it looked more mauvish  brown in the store light though.In the swatches below..they look more pinkish...but on the lips and in the tube they are more of a pinkish brown shade...

    VERVE lipcolor belongs to the SATIN range of lipsticks which promise a satiny soft smooth application.
    here are the swatches with a single and double swipe..

    the color...its a kinda my MLBB shade for me...very wearable to work ...or even for an outing..might not really be good for partying-sharting though....;)
    the FEEL , ..Its smooth and slick...not like the creme range though(tried a few at the MAC store).
    The lasting power is a good 3-4 hhours after mild eating/drinking....OKOK i eat my lipstick literally so it is good time according to me..
    the fragnance..mild vanilla..which i loveeeed on my lips.
    you can feel it on your lips...though not heavily.
    Also does not dry out my lips...did not apply lip balm before the lipstick

    Only the price...(but then its MAC,so i guesss its ok..)
    RATING: 4/5 deducted 1 point for the cost and the lip case(VERY bland).
    But again thats what MAC is all about..
    All in all.. a pretty  daily use shade  with decent lasting power

    REPURCHASE..yes when my tube gets over and my wallet is FULL hehehehe

    Another great giveaway makeup monologues!!

    hi guys   thats a hattrick...third giveaway i have posted for since morning and its only 10.05 guys must be wondering whats with her??? is shivani blogobsessed????now thats a good word ..must use it often:)
    and now for the good news....IK of Makeup Monologues is having a TBS giveaway...check out the link here...
    the giveawy also a lipcolor /TBS bath gloves
    check it out

    super giveaway by rakshanda of chamber of beauty

    hey guys!!!a great iveaway is on its way....heheh
    rakshanda of chamber of beauty has come up with a fab giveaway which i so want...:0
    i want all of them dont I???? ;)
    heres the link

    international M.A.C giveaway by anamika of wiseshe

    hey guys theres a real real happening news on beauty blogs.Anamika of wiseshe is having a giveaway for the most beautiful M.A.Ce/s quad ever..heres the link

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish Review i will be reviewing The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish .
    A body polish is essentially a scrub or an exfoliator to remove dead cells and reveal smooth skin.

    Satsuma Body Polish

    • Best if you want to: Reveal softer, smoother skin with a gel-based, foaming scrub loaded with exfoliating crushed walnut shells and loofah particles.
    • Best for: normal skin, suitable for daily use
    • How it works:
      • Orange essential oil is known to uplift, refresh and energize the senses and provides a naturally sweet citrus fragrance.
      • Satsuma juice is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect and nourish skin, and provides a naturally zesty scent and orange color.
      • Community Trade organic honey moisturizes and conditions skin


      USAGE   : take a small anonunt on palm and rub over the body ,either directly or with the help of a loofah lily.Rub in circular motions.Wash off with water.

      MY EXPERIENCE :I needed a very very small amount.It spreads really easily .Slickly rather..also lather is good enough.I did not use any loofah or scrub.
      After washing off a very citrusy smell lingers all over.To complete your routine you can use Satsuma body butter.I did not buy that as yet, since my Stawberry body butter is still a loonnng way to go.
      Skin felt nice ,citrusy and squeaky clean.
      I  was using dove body wash prior to this but ever felt this clean.This may be due to the exfoliating contents of this polish.

      good exfoliation
      citrusy SMELLand a fresh fresh feeling  (very very good for the summers)
      HYGIENIC  since in a  tube form.I have also used their body scrubs in strawberry which comes in a tub.I dont like to dip my fingers in.
      SMALL amount needed and spreads easily.will go a long way( I hope since i have just used it once)
      Travel friendly.

      slightly sweet smell of satsuma oranges which may be not liked by some.


      Hello everyone....this is my first first will start with a haul from THE BODY SHOP.
      Had been shopping  a few days ago and was in search of a good loose powder.Ankita from corallista makeup blog had advised me to try TBS loose powder Thanks so much Ankita..:).When i went into the shop, I ended up buying a lot more.:).So here it to follow soon..
      my TBS haul!:))
      from (L-R)
      1)The body shop retractable blush brush
      2)The Body Shop seaweed clarifying toner
      3)The Body Shop seaweed purifying facial cleanser
      4)The Body Shop Satsuma puree body lotion
      5) The Body Shop Satsuma body polish (read review here)
      6) The Body Shop blush no 10(read review here
      7) The Body Shop seaweed mattifying day cream
      8)The Body Shop loose powder in 03


       will be reviewing these very sooonn...Please feel free to comment and add suggestions !!