Thursday, August 18, 2011


There are so  many things that make us happy.....somethings bring a smile to our face even when we think of them....The product that I will be reviewing today is  something like that....only the thought is enough to make me break in to  a smile:)...As I write this post this on a sunday evening,experiencing premature moday morning blues,,,,I am suddenly not so sullen anymore....and I have not even gone near the product as yet....

What The Site mentions:
The first DKNY perfume for women was Be Delicious, which is a fragrance appropriate for daytime wear.  The top notes are green with hints of violet leaf, apple, grapefruit, and magnolia.  The heart of the fragrance is made up of tuberose, lily of the valley, rose, and violet.  The scent finishes with hints of sandalwood, amber and musk.
 A fruity-floral fragrance that brings out the freshness, brightness and energy of its wearer, the DKNY Be Delicious perfume is perfect for that charming feminine lady who is bold and outgoing. The lively fragrance opens like a green apple both crisp and tart before mellowing into a scent that is so romantic and earthly. It is like a young virgin, so fresh and heavenly, that will make you eager to take a bite and yet unbearable to see her hurt.:P:P
My experience with the perfume...

It is a very MAKE ME HAPPPY kind of fragrance....for me....The smell is very very fresh, instantly remnids me of green granny smith apples.Crisp,very crisp ,juicy with the right amount of tartness to them.Another whiff I get is a lilttle cucmbery and a musky melony melony:).Also after some time the fragrance settles down to a more sweet fruity smell. also a little bit musky.In my expereince I found it to be more fruity than floral....After lasting for a few hours it settles down to a whiff of musky smoothess....
It is available in 4 varieties of be delicious original(green),red delicious(floral red),fresh blossom(floral pink),delicious night(purple coloured bottle).Also they have varities like juiced and candy....YUMMM!!!

What I LOVED :
  • It makes me happy....and by that  I really mean literally brings a smile to my face when I wear it..:)))
  • Its a crisp,fresh,fragrance for daytime
  • It can be worn very comfortably to work,for shopping a day out.,a luncheon,just about anything
  • Its glamorous and the girl next door at the same time.
  • Lasts fairly well around 6 - 8 hours on me..but lightens considerably by the end of this time..
  • i got it for 2385INR  from fashion and you,where as  the shops sell it for around 4000 INR +
  • It is good for people who hate strong in your face perfumes as well!
  • It does not last very long ,like maybe escada magnetism....
  • It might not appeal to those who dont like fruity smells.
its a gorgeous day time perfume for every age....(makes me feel young :P)would definetely rebuy....
Have you all used this as yet...???
tell tell!!!:P

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

hey all
there is a super SIGMA giveaway at lipgloss love affair...!!it consiists of a travel sigma brush kit!!!yippppeee!!
heres the link

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OH!! why did not thee meet me before???SATIN MATTE Lip Color by FACES

hey all
Today I will be reviewing..something that I did not know existed...I had heard and Read about FACES cosmetics ,which supposedly are from CANADA....however it was their eye pencils which have been blogged about the most.
I was just browsing through their other products...( after I bought a super creamy,long stay eye pencil in black..will review that soon as well)when I chanced upon these beauties..
Colored shades to enhance the lips. Infused with Vitamin E to protect and moisturize with each beautifying application. FACES’ lipsticks come in over 180 shades in matte, sheer, cream and shimmer finishes.

There is no other detail on the site about the type of lipstick Satin matte is..:(

the berry brown  (Left)and the cordovan(Right)

single swipe swatches......berry brown and cordovan

i purchased two shades from their range
  • berry brown..which on me looks more berry than brown
  • cordovan which is a mauvish brown shade..
The lip color comes in a plain black lipstick case which is nothing grand,but does give a decent look...
the lip color on application is extremely smooth and creamy,and later settles to  a semi matte finish.I loved the shades I have.They last well on me..around 4-5 hours .It fades evenly and does not settle into my fine lip lines..

What I loved::))
  • The absolute creamy and smooth texture of the lipstick.also the fact that it settles down to give a semi mate effect
  • It does not settle/accentuate my fine lines.
  • It does not dry my fact it is very moisturising for my lips(which are mature and wrinkly:P)
  • In fact there is something i noted with this lip color...It plumps up my puckerssss.....i have not seen it being mentioned on the site.....and neither did the SA mention it...but it does!!!!!
  • It fades very evenly
  • Lasts fairly long around 4-5 hours with non oily mild eating...( after a particularly oily meal :P...of course it vanished.
  • It gives me such a good feeling that I do not mind reapplying it anywhere and everywhere..
  • very reasonably 299 for  4 gm...( i got it at 20% off at 239:)))))))))
  • when it settles down ,it is partly non transferable....
What i did not like
  • Not easily available
  • the Faces counter also did not have all the shades mentioned on the site
  • since its so creamy it tends to bleed and I have have have to use a lip liner with it.....

The shades I have
  1. Berry brown...very pretty berry color>( i do not have a single reddish shade..and this looks so wineish/burgundyish berryish on me...It brightens my face even without any makeup.
  2. Cordovan..which is a mauvish my MLBB shade very on the go kinda shade...will suit all skin tones.....
rating 4.5/5......-0.5 for the poor availability....
will i repurchase??
yes surely but in a different shade now:)
Have you tried them?????
lemme know!!!