Monday, May 30, 2011

Chambor SMOOTH ON liquid eyliner review and swatches

hello everyone...
My post today will be a review of one of the most amazing liquid eyeliners I have used......
I have used many of them, actually,Revlon,maybelline ,and Lakme of course.I had also used the hard tip ones...but am not comfortable with those...(hard tip ones) paranoid about them poking my eye....(that has happened,so maybe I was justified in being paranoid).

I wanted a good smooth eyeliner,which was glossy...hmmmm..but not too glossy and long lasting and something which was darkkkkk darkkk darkkkk....
And I found that....
here's what the website says:


High-performance liquid eyeliner: it is characterised by immediate colour release.

  • It draws a full, long lasting stroke and guarantees good application control.
  • The formulation incorporates fast-drying acrylic polymers that produce a continuous, persistent film.
  • The product fixes perfectly to the skin, without smudging.
  • These special additives, with water-resistant properties, help the pigment last for hours, even when it comes into contact with water.
  • The finish is bright, intense and characterised by high coverage.
It is available in 4 shades 


I have the black one
Price Rs 395 INR.

My experience:
What I loved:
  1. I have been using this almost everyday since at least a 2 weeksesp for work.
  2. It glides on smoothly.
  3. Its neither runny nor clumpy....its a little gel like  ...more viscious than other liquid liners I have used.
  4. The brush is such that  you can draw lines of different thickess with it easily...
  5. it is a dark dark black.the pigmentation is intense but not too glossy.
  6. It stays really long.
  7. Smudge proof ,unless you are planning to rub your eyes like reallyyyyyy hard.
  8. Not water proof.,on washing with water .comes off easily without tugging at the  lids.
  9. No irritation to the eyes.
  10. No feathering,flaking.
What I did not love.....
Nothingg actually..i loved all....

Wil I buy it again
Yes...when this gets over....I was thinking of getting MAc fluidline...but its not so dark and my lids are super i need blackest black to show on them.....

have you used this???
lemme know

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sigma kit giveaway by glossy art

hey all
Another SIGMA giveaway by glossy aRT...........enter here

Calicoasters International oriflame giveaway

hey all
Kimi a.k.a calicoaster is hlding a generous giveaway.The ymmy products are from oriflame and its open internationally...
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Friday, May 27, 2011


hello all,how are you ladies doing???

A few days ago I received  this package from Makri de suisse.My post today will be about the products I recieved...followed by the reviews of the products!!

What is makari de suisse???
All of us want to look good .In India ...beautiful= fair.That's been the case since long...longer than we can remember....isn't it??
I am a wheatish complexioned woman  and love it... never have had the desire to be fair.Luckily my parents ,especially my mother was always of the same opinion and taught me to love my brown skin.
What I did desire was a glow on my face and flawless complexion(not equal to fair).

This is what the company MAKARI De Suisse believes in.
Embracing Beauty -
one face at a time....
An African proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In the village of Harlem, the collective consciousness of African descended people is being raised through the exciting work of MAKARI (pronounced muh-ka-ree), a high-end skin care line especially suited for dark skinned men and women.
People with dark skin have endured decades of neglect in the world market of cosmetics among established international companies. The continued marginalization of African descended men and women led to the inspiration of American businessman Jack Aini, who later partnered with renowned Belgian chemist Maurice Bertrand to establish the highly innovative MAKARI de SUISSE line.
The MAKARI products were manufactured in Switzerland, a country respected for high quality, while undergoing intense scientific and technical scrutiny, resulting in a formula combining luxurious caviar extracts and natural plant extracts.
Now available in local beauty stores, as well as in private locations in Brussels, New York City and Paris, the MAKARI line features from originally seven to 60 different products, consisting mainly of a skin care line, baby line, make-up line, and an amazing line of 10 body lotions, each with a different scent.
MAKARI products are all natural plant extracts from the earth, and contain properties from the sea. The MAKARI line has no bleach, no chemicals and no hydroquinone, which is known to be harmful to the skin. By using such ingredients as algae, aloe vera, caviar, citric acid, lemon, malic acid, mulberry, salicylic acid, seaweed and vitamin C, they naturally heal and clear the skin.
Despite our belief “black is beautiful”, blotchy skin and pigmented marks remain unwanted. MAKARI affirms and understands the value of feeling good on the inside, as well as looking good on the outside, by embracing beauty and skin care one face at a time.
(from the site)...
here is a peak at the package....

cute little golden a sucker for such potlis!!!!!

the goodies!!!!

The contents are 
I will be the reviewing the soap in my next post.....

Till then
chow Shivani

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vov eyeshadow..purple line..swatches and an EOTD

Vov eyeshadow..purple line..swatches and an EOTD

helloooooooooo...hw r u pretty ladies doing..??
today am going to show u an EOTD with VOV eyeshadow.purple line CANDY.

.So heres the palette

okkkkkkkkkkkkk..this is the quad..squint harder to see my novice attempt at numbering and watermarking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Now about the palette..the shadows are as follows from L-R
  1. white.(well pigmented)
  2. silver(lovely pigmetation).Used this in the EOTD as highlighter for the brow bone and inner corner of eye.
  3. lightest mauve..(little chalkier than the rest)
  4. Mauve shimmer(this is the one with the poorest pigmenation....more of a shimmery mauve...i have used this in my EOTD as a base color)
  5. A blue toned warm mauvish pink ..matte it looks more red.but in the pan its a deep purplish pink.(has very good pigmentation.
  6. dark purple..matte color...very good pigmentation.Iused this color for my crease and outer corner.
  • The colors are wellpigmented(except for the no 4).
  • they do have quite a bit of fallout not very much though. .
  • There is a mix of matte and shimmery shades
  • staying power is around4 hours -5 hours
  • after which they fade...and crease a bit.

      bare eyes

      dotted concealer after beyu eye primer
       applied TBS foundation and set with powder
      applied shade 4 al over lid and shade 6 over crease and outer corner

      applied shade 2over the inner corner and brow bone

      applied chambor smooth on liquid liner

      applied chambor purle dazzle eyeliner over the black liner and also outer 2 /3 of water line and lower lashline.

      inner 1/3 applied shade no2 ..also used bourjois volumizer mascara.

       thats all.....
      hope u guys like it:)...let me know

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    The Body Shop Balancing Oil free Foundation shade no 07

    Hello pretty ladies!How are you all doing??
    Am into a search for the bestest foundation for my skin.So I end up buying so many of them ,that I have Leftovers!!!!
    I have it in shade 07.

    The BODY SHOP balancing  Oil free foundation.
    A range of innovative lightweight, oil free balancing SPF 15 foundations that provides medium to full coverage for a luxuriously smooth, matte, shine-free and healthy-looking finish. Dermatologically tested.

    Size: 30ml

    It is available in 10 shades online,though at the store I saw only 7 ..

    PRICE 1045 INR,but I got it for Rs 845 INR

    My experience with the product..
    This comes in a plastic box with a pump
    I loove this foundation...absolutely.
    I have oily combination skin,which becomes oily slick in mumbai summers.This product is a great matte effect foundation.IT controls oiliness..and gives a glow to the face....not dewy though.
    The coverage is sheer to medium.
    It does not give a cakey look when applied.
    also It does not flake or give me patchy skin(although I make sure to moisturize really well).
    When I apply it with loose powder,(TBS loose powder),It settles down and  gives a very nice glow!!

    The lasting power is good  ,around 6-7 hours on a humid day in AC...In a non AC environment,I do need a touch up/blot ups after 4 hours!!
    It does not oxidise on me.

    Plastic bottle(though it s a pro for me,its a known fact that glass bottles keep foundations better.
    good coverage.
    goes on well blends well...i use my brush or fingers
    good oil control.
    matte finish(you can combine this with a shimmery blush /highlighter for a dewy cheek look..).
    lasts fairly well.
    does not oxidise
    Many shades available,so easy to find one that matches you
    Reasonable (tho  not cheap).

    none as per me...
    What is your Holy grail foundation????tell me!!!


    Monday, May 23, 2011


    hey all
    today I will be doing apost on concelaers...Have a terrible dark circles and am always on the look out for concealers.Before MAC have tried out may brands,was never satisfied....Am still on the look out for them though...

    The purpose of the concealers are to cover blemishes or facial imperfections. They're also there to offset the dark shadows that occurs under our eyes.

    What are the type of concealers??

    Usually comes in small pots

    Best For
    Undereye dark circles, discolorations moles.etc

    APPLY using
    Fingers, concealer brush or sponge. Dab onto the darkest area and blend slowly.

    • very nice consistency
    • great for very dry skin
    • can provide even coverage, can build up
    • will enhance breakouts, so this is not advised to use over breakouts
    • can be too thick, or greasy which makes an oily person oil up more
    • can easily create fine lines for those drier cream formula
      NYX Concealer in a Jar, MAC Studio Finish Concealer,Makeup Forever Cream Concealer Palette

    This type of concealer usually comes in a pencil or tube.

    Apply over
    Undereye and also over zits,pigmentaions,moles(beauty spots)

    Apply using:
    the pencil should be used directly and then dabbed with fingers or sponge
    Can be applied before or after foundation

    • mild spots ,discolorations
    • better coverage than cream
    • tends to be dryer and thicker in texture, so difficult to blend
    • settles into fine lines.
    • Not great for larger areas.
    Maybelline Cover Stick,, Avon Ideal Shade Concealer Stick,MAC Studio Stick Conceal stick

    Typically comes in squeezy tube or lip gloss like tube with wand applicator.

    Undereye, blemishes

     your finger or the wand applicator to place small dots and dab dab dab.

    • does not crease much
    • can outlast cream concealer
    • works as base for eyeshadows
    • can provide light to full coverage, you can just add as you go on
    • dries fast
    • settles into fine lines if not blended well..
    • enhances wrinkles.
    Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer, Loreal liquid concealer,MAC pro long wear liquid concealer.

    liquid tube form

    I have used only mac and loreal....One of my friends has used the NYX  in US  and she loves it.....
    Wht other concealers do you know of??what are the ones which are made for you...tell me!!


    Thursday, May 19, 2011


    hey all??how are you all doing???
    The Lakme Fantasy collection has been around for soso much time,but I did not have the oppurtinity to buy something from the collection.
    So today I bought the LAKME  SATIN ENRICH LIPSTICK 134 from the FANTASY COLLECTION

    Rich color takes life in a luxuriously creamy stick that brings satin to your lips. Enriched with sunscreens, vitamins and the goodness of olives, your lips will have a story to share. Indulge in a pod of beautiful shades ranging from floral pinks to shimmering peaches

    The Fantasy range has a beautiful collection of 8 lipsticks ranging from coral peaches to mystic mauves.

    The shade I brought is no names...hmmmm
    multiple swipes.......single swipe

    PRICE: RS 225/-

    1. It glides on smoothly and evenly.
    2. It is pigmented well..and has a good color payoff.
    3. It does not flake.
    4. It fades after 3 hours without eating and drinking.It fades evenly.(Acc to me the lasting power is fair considering the price)
    5. Reasnably priced.
    6. very wearable shade,will suit most indian skin tones.
    7. Versatile shade....good for daily wear and formal wear as well!!

    1. It bleeds ,so need a liner.
    2. Boring casing ,same old same old...need something funky!!
    3. No names...very very sily to expect us to remember numbers ,ep if we have more than one lakme....

    YES,since this is a very wearable to wear it to work ,to the park,to the a party (topped with a gloss)
    which shades do you have from thiscollection???
    let me know!!!

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    I learnt something new...CO WASH

    hey all
    This  is a new series I am starting from this post....Being a beauty /makeup/lifestyle blogger is fun fun fun ,but also its a store house of knowledge out there......the internet is full of these gems of knowledge and we just need to find them...:)
    I have extermely fine....almost not there,wispy hair and a oily scalp...Killer combination!!!!!!
    Also have been afflicted with dandruff off and on....yeeekssss right!!!???!!
    I HAVE to wash my hair everyday,or else it will stick to my oily scalp...and make me look like a tel ka dukkan ....baldy baldy know how it is.....:/
    SO while searching on the net I came across this thing called Hair washing with conditioner...a.k.a CO WASHING OF HAIR or CO WASH...
    This is ased on a very simple concept...
    Regular usage of shampoo...esp everyday,can be harmful for the hair...The shampoos have a product called SLS ...sodium lauryl sulphate which is the culprit......
    Conditioners usually do not have this ingridient,but they do have the others whih are detergent based(YES detergent based,or else how do u expect your grime to be washed away???
    This method uses Conditioner instead of,not along with shampoo...
    So everyday yu can CO WASH your hair and every 3rd or 4th day use a shampoo..!!!

    1. Rinse hair well.Apply conditioner and massage gently into scalp.Wash well .Reapply conditioner and keep it for a couple of minutes...rinse well again
    2. You can also apply conditioner half hour prior to the wash ,,,and then wash hair... no need to reapply conditioner...This is like using a hair mask soaks each strand welll
    3. The third way is to mix some conditioner with water in a spray bottle and spray o washed damp hair and let it dry well...this is good  if you are in a hurry!!
    I have been using the first methos everyday for the last 2 weeks....I used to use shampoo daily ,bt now have been using my shampoo....max twice a week....:)
    My hair is more manageable and soft...and i am loving it.

    There are multiple advantages to this....
    1. You are using a harsh chemical:: read SLS:less frequently.
    2. The conitioner cleans your hair and makes it shiny mooth ,tangle free and manageable
    3. Your shampoo lasts longer....
    4. YOu can wash your hair everyday and not end with rough hair or dry hair
    5. It is a very good method when you run out of shampoo,esp while travelling(but you should have a conditioner with you!!!!no t carrying shampoo and carrying only conditioner    can that happen????can happen wid me;P
    1. None really ,except that your conditioner will get over soon.However you ca buy a cheaper conditioner for daily use then.
    Here is one of the sites I read this from...It also gives a very important message about not towel drying your hair.
    Also Tanveer in her blog just covered towel drying techniques.See here.
    although this has been metioned at above site for treated hair ,it can be used for non treated hair as well....
    AM very very happy to have learnt this......and now an sharing it with you.
    Please do try it:) 

    Monday, May 16, 2011


    hey all

    Here's an offer from LOTUS HERBALS....

    Ladies, let's double up beautifying your lips, but one Moistpetals- Moisturising lip colour and get the 2nd one absolutely free. The offer is valid till 31st May, 2011. So hurry, rush to your nearest store to grab this deal !!
    am sooooo tempted!!!!

    Sara Hassans SIGMA make me cool brush KIT giveaway

    hey all
    SARA HASSAN is holding a super giveaway on her entire sigma kit....please entyer here

    Sara Hassans Glossicious giveaway

    hey all
    Sara Hassans blog Glossicious has turned one and she is holding a Pretty giveway
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    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Bhumika of New Love-Sigma giveaway

    Bhumika.of new love is holding a sigma giveaway ..........its a Sigma F80 brush..
    enter the giveaway here....

    Lotus herbals AloeHydra gel review

    Hey ladies,,,how was sunday so far??
    Kya khaaya??what did u do??any movies that u wa !!tched??
    Me did not go out shopping today....sad huh???though had some yummy lunch,cooked by moi of course!!!
    Today I will be reviewing a Product from Lotus herbals.
    I have combination oily skin and most of the moisturizers I use including oil free neutrogena,sweat o my face after being  out in the sun  for even 2 hours.
    I read about this moisturiser on IMBB and a few other blogs and  tried it..

     What LOTUS HERBALS has to say:
    Rehydrates skin and enhances its moisture retention capacity. This special formula is quickly absorbed in the skin, leading to supple skin .Works for all skin types.

    Contains: Extracts of aloe Vera, barbadensis miller plant, which is rich in essential polysaccharides, minerals and vitamins.

    • Wash face with a face wash.
    • Apply liberally all over face and neck & let it dry. Can be used as often as required.

    Heres my take on it

    This comes in a plastic bottle with a pump,which is covered with a transparent plastic cap.
    The pumps opening is small and so we need to pump it 4 times at least to get a considerable amount for face and neck...
    The gel itself is yellow in color( me not very fond of the color ) and has a floral-alcoholic smell...(not too strong)..
    On application it momentarily feels a bit sticky which i would expect with any gel product,but 15-20 seconds later it dries out.
    It gives a nice full appearance to my face as if my skin just drank a gallon of water,,,I really feel it...also i apply quite a good amount and let it get absorbed ...
    I also have used it sometimes over my uder eye area,when am too lazy to go and fetch my eye cream,from wherever its lying.It makes me feel my undereye area has lightened,but that is only temporary:(
    I apply it under my makeup and have noticed that my skin does  not sweat or become oily..for at least 3-4 hours.....
    after that i do need to do touch ups or blot..

    • Inexpensive Rs  180/-
    • good hydration achieved
    • no stickiness practically
    • did not break me out
    • absorbed quickly
    • matte effect....less oiliness and shininess
    • good amount.....will last pretty long(here i have used this for  25 days at least and only this much has been used!!
    • does not clog my pores.
    • with regular usage I have  noticed that my skin is well hydrated most of the times.
    • Have used this as a night cream as well and love my thobda in the soft!!!
    • floral-alcoholic smell(thos means it has alcohol,but it  does not dry out my skin...not sure about those with dry skins though, might dry them out..
    • i personally dont like the yellow color.
    • the pump is too a lazy bum....even pumping for a cream more than 2 times,irritstes me  :p
    • No Spf...!!!!!

    I am pretty happy with this product and will consider rebuying it
    Have u guys used it??
    Wht are ur experiences???

    NOTD and a spanking for blogger!!

    Heylo everyone, blogger is behaving verrryyyyyyy badly presently...:( and needs a good spanking....
    I already lost my last two posts...Kimi a.k.a calicoaster was sweet enuff to send me the link from her gmail love kimi...thankuuuuu...also gave me the smarrraaaat idea to have back ups!!
    So today cause am pretty depressed ,will be doing a NOTD post
     I have...errr...had very short nails...I cannot grow them long for two reasons...firstly professionally since i work with babies and kids,secondly I have this habit telling you!!!
    ok heres my notd for which I have specially grown my nails!!

    The color used is Maybelline coloroma Dusky.Its a flesh color shade...good for wearing to work.....

    The color is not bright at all....and would suit everyone me thiks.The lasting power of this paint is around 3-4 days after which it chips a bit...:(

    thats it!!!! how did you like the shade...too dull for ya???too plain???
    Tell tell


    Hey ladies...isnt it a beautiful morning today???
    for me it is,coz i just read that cynthia a.k.a CZ of Indian vanity case is holding a huge giveaway for her bday!!
    me want me waqnt me want (as usual).....
    here is the link

     enter soon!!!all the bst to all!!


    heylo all,Today I will be reviewing WELLA KOLESTINT HAIR COLOR.
    The company had sent 2 colors for a review.the colors were my choice and they were burgundy and plum..
    I have been using hair color for at least 3 yrs now,on a regular basis...and am very satisfied with the last brand that i was using.I thought of trying it out as well and here is my opinion...

    Price :rs 519  :/:/
    My take on the product
    I used burgundy first for my hair...
    here are the contents in the pack

    1. Pre coloration treatment(this is a new concept for me).This is a cream which  has to be applied fom tip of hair to roots and left on for 2 minutes,apparently it helps in eve and better take up of color.
    2. Haircolor creme and developer.This is a cream which is in a tube which is to be mixed with the developer(which is in a bottle)It can be mixed by adding contents of tube to the developer bottle or removing both in a container.I used a plastic bowl for this.
    3. developer mentioned above
    4. After color intense shine treatment.this is basically a conditioner.
    The leave in coloring time i.e the time to keep it on is for an hour as mentioned on the pack???this is too much..of a  leave in acording to me....usually they are upto 30-45 minutes.The last color I used had a leave in time of 20 minutes...I loved it for being quick.This one hour me did not approve!
    After the leave in time,wash off the color and apply the conditioner...keep for a few  minutes..rinse off well..

    The result:
    • In my case.My scalp itched and stung badly after application.This has never happened with me.Never ever.Maybe I am allergic to its contents.duuno about that...:(... i had also done the allergy test..since this was a new brand for me..
    • The color pay off was  goods.It's a known  fact that the darker your hair is, the less the color shows up..My hair naturally is dark brown,so I expected that the color pay off would be not too red. however it was hardly noticeable(except if I am in blazing sun ),except for my roots,where the red stands out.So much so that at least 4 people(who had the guts)asked me what happened to ur hair???The others were too meek to ask I guess....;p.
    • The smell of ammonia was overpowering.initially then it settled down.

    this looks verry verry red in the photo...but in reality its not so  red at all...

    • good glossy effect after washing and using conditioner.
    • Liked the concept of pre treatment cream
    • irritated my scalp
    • okayish pigmentation and color payoff
    • uneven color payoff(dont know why the color was more intense at the roots).And I have been applying  hair color for more than 3 yrs now,so i do know how to apply it..:(
    • expensive..
    not for me .....!!!!coz of the irritation,stinging..and not very good color pay off..
     Did you guys use this hair color ??What did you experience???Lemme know!!!

    P.R sent product.this does not affect my opinion in any way.........

    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    my NYX from cherry culture is here!!

    Hey all,
    Some posts ago I ahd mentioned I was waiting for a CHERRY CULTURE PARCEL.....It was supposed to come in 14 days according to the site, but came only last week......actually 4 days ago!!!
    and boy was i happy or what???

    here are a few pics.....

    from left to right....NYX jumbo eye pencil in pots and pans(silver),NYX cream blush natural,$ round lip colors....Hebe,milan,saturn,heather
    Trio taupe
    10eyeshadow palette in secret world......
    Above the lip balm is a gift from CC

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    sigma giveaway blending brush by Calicoaster of beauty diaries!!!!

    hi have u been???its a such a beautiful mausam toaday and my heart is singing SIGMAAAAAAA sigmaaa....coz....calicoaster of beauty diaries is graciously holding a Sigma blendiing brush giveaway...
    Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides. Blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows. Ideal to apply eye shadow primer, base eye shadow colors, and blend harsh lines.
    ItS a musty have .....enter the giveaway here

    Monday, May 9, 2011

    BOURJOIS VOLUMIZER MASCARA review and photos

    hey girlies, how are u all doing??Today i will be reviewing the bourjois volumizer mascara,which i purchased a few days ago...i was taken up by this BOURJOIS VOLUMIZER MASCARA , the innovative wand and design and the SA promised there will be no lumps madam!! lumps????

    Volumizer mascara

    (from the site)

    Killer volume! No clumps guaranteed!

    The new Volumizer mascara works in just 2 steps to build up to 11 x more volume, clump-free.
    Choose the volume that suits best your style or the occasion:
    - Use Step 1 for extremely defined lashes with 2 x more volume, perfect for the day or if you want to focus on your lips.
    - Use Step 1+2 for dramatic lashes with up to 11 x more volume with no clumps, perfect if you want the ultimate show-stopping eyes.

    How does it work:
    Step 1 - the lightly loaded brush gives you a defined volume and prepares lashes for a second stroke without clogging

    Step 2 - the fully loaded brush will coat your lashes to boost and build maximum volume with no clumps.

    the brush in 2nd step.............see how loaded it is:]

    Its formula builds instant volume to lashes and can be applied layer upon layer without clogging, boosting volume with every stroke.
    Price:Rs 550
    My experience:
    On using the first brush,it seperated my lashes and i quite liked the effect...they did NOT increase in volume but they were defined and seperated.....maybe a bit lengthened,....

    after step 1
    On using the 2nd brush,there was a increase in volume,but it did clump.....the 2nd wand picks up a lot of the product and so it clumps..badly....

    clumping after step 2:(

    so what i do is i use a mascara brush after step 2 to seperate the lashes.....and its kinda bearable...also the look is pretty heavy ...for a partyor  for a formal occasion..maybe..for the night as claimed
    Using it as with step one is good for daily wear...and i like it.

    Its an okayish mascara...i do like it as step 1..but need a seperate wand mascara for step 2 to seperate the clumps...

    not water proof so easily removable
    it does not feel sticky or heavy on my lashes.
    it lasted almost all day ..sice 10 am to 10 pm on me..:)

    clumps on step 2....
    does not live up to its gurantee of a clump free mascara:spank:

    There has been a query from niveita about its functioning.and i realised i should have put it here earlier.....
    when u see the mascara  it seems that there are 2 we wonder how the 2 fit in???,But actually, there is only one wand which is like a telescope,one inside the other.It is so designed tha different amount of product will be loaded on removing or unscrewing different caps...

    rating 4/5 clumps and does not live up to its claim..
    Have you girls tried this???let me know!!