Monday, May 23, 2011


hey all
today I will be doing apost on concelaers...Have a terrible dark circles and am always on the look out for concealers.Before MAC have tried out may brands,was never satisfied....Am still on the look out for them though...

The purpose of the concealers are to cover blemishes or facial imperfections. They're also there to offset the dark shadows that occurs under our eyes.

What are the type of concealers??

Usually comes in small pots

Best For
Undereye dark circles, discolorations moles.etc

APPLY using
Fingers, concealer brush or sponge. Dab onto the darkest area and blend slowly.

  • very nice consistency
  • great for very dry skin
  • can provide even coverage, can build up
  • will enhance breakouts, so this is not advised to use over breakouts
  • can be too thick, or greasy which makes an oily person oil up more
  • can easily create fine lines for those drier cream formula
  NYX Concealer in a Jar, MAC Studio Finish Concealer,Makeup Forever Cream Concealer Palette

This type of concealer usually comes in a pencil or tube.

Apply over
Undereye and also over zits,pigmentaions,moles(beauty spots)

Apply using:
the pencil should be used directly and then dabbed with fingers or sponge
Can be applied before or after foundation

  • mild spots ,discolorations
  • better coverage than cream
  • tends to be dryer and thicker in texture, so difficult to blend
  • settles into fine lines.
  • Not great for larger areas.
Maybelline Cover Stick,, Avon Ideal Shade Concealer Stick,MAC Studio Stick Conceal stick

Typically comes in squeezy tube or lip gloss like tube with wand applicator.

Undereye, blemishes

 your finger or the wand applicator to place small dots and dab dab dab.

  • does not crease much
  • can outlast cream concealer
  • works as base for eyeshadows
  • can provide light to full coverage, you can just add as you go on
  • dries fast
  • settles into fine lines if not blended well..
  • enhances wrinkles.
Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer, Loreal liquid concealer,MAC pro long wear liquid concealer.

liquid tube form

I have used only mac and loreal....One of my friends has used the NYX  in US  and she loves it.....
Wht other concealers do you know of??what are the ones which are made for you...tell me!!



j said...

Good read :)

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

thanks sonia.....:)

Of rainy days said...

super post.. totally love it.. very to the point and super helpful..

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

thanksORD.....please could i know ur name...i feel wierd callling you ORD:P

Of rainy days said...

yes i can imagine.. btw i am supriya.. you can call me that.. and i am going to use the points in your post the next time i buy a concealer..

Anonymous said...

Nice post Shivani ! I've used BeYu stick concealer and it just seemed too dry and was a bit difficult to blend. The shade was also not perfect for me. Now I'm using Select moisture cover from MAC. It liquid so blends beautifully but the coverage is sheer-medium and it is oxidizing on me lately :(
How is the coverage of the pro long wear Shivani?

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hey supriya..thanks
@ankita ....thanks...have used the pro long wear for a few times before the bottle be honest i liked it more than my studio it blended better and the coverage was lesser than sf...however it did not cake on me sf does!!