Sunday, May 15, 2011


heylo all,Today I will be reviewing WELLA KOLESTINT HAIR COLOR.
The company had sent 2 colors for a review.the colors were my choice and they were burgundy and plum..
I have been using hair color for at least 3 yrs now,on a regular basis...and am very satisfied with the last brand that i was using.I thought of trying it out as well and here is my opinion...

Price :rs 519  :/:/
My take on the product
I used burgundy first for my hair...
here are the contents in the pack

  1. Pre coloration treatment(this is a new concept for me).This is a cream which  has to be applied fom tip of hair to roots and left on for 2 minutes,apparently it helps in eve and better take up of color.
  2. Haircolor creme and developer.This is a cream which is in a tube which is to be mixed with the developer(which is in a bottle)It can be mixed by adding contents of tube to the developer bottle or removing both in a container.I used a plastic bowl for this.
  3. developer mentioned above
  4. After color intense shine treatment.this is basically a conditioner.
The leave in coloring time i.e the time to keep it on is for an hour as mentioned on the pack???this is too much..of a  leave in acording to me....usually they are upto 30-45 minutes.The last color I used had a leave in time of 20 minutes...I loved it for being quick.This one hour me did not approve!
After the leave in time,wash off the color and apply the conditioner...keep for a few  minutes..rinse off well..

The result:
  • In my case.My scalp itched and stung badly after application.This has never happened with me.Never ever.Maybe I am allergic to its contents.duuno about that...:(... i had also done the allergy test..since this was a new brand for me..
  • The color pay off was  goods.It's a known  fact that the darker your hair is, the less the color shows up..My hair naturally is dark brown,so I expected that the color pay off would be not too red. however it was hardly noticeable(except if I am in blazing sun ),except for my roots,where the red stands out.So much so that at least 4 people(who had the guts)asked me what happened to ur hair???The others were too meek to ask I guess....;p.
  • The smell of ammonia was overpowering.initially then it settled down.

this looks verry verry red in the photo...but in reality its not so  red at all...

  • good glossy effect after washing and using conditioner.
  • Liked the concept of pre treatment cream
  • irritated my scalp
  • okayish pigmentation and color payoff
  • uneven color payoff(dont know why the color was more intense at the roots).And I have been applying  hair color for more than 3 yrs now,so i do know how to apply it..:(
  • expensive..
not for me .....!!!!coz of the irritation,stinging..and not very good color pay off..
 Did you guys use this hair color ??What did you experience???Lemme know!!!

P.R sent product.this does not affect my opinion in any way.........


Calicoaster said...

Wowww..that burgundy color is looking sooooooooo cooool!!!!!!!!!! nice review Shivani!! :D :D :D

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hey thinks flash ki wajah e....otherwise itna nahi dihkta hai....hey did u expereine any itching as well??

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@ calicoaster thank u

Ikya said...

The colour is fab!!!!! :)

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

thanks IK.........

Unknown said...

hi. just wanted to know which is ur hair coloring product u been using it before wella kolestint..