Monday, June 20, 2011

MAC studio fix powder foundation review

Heloooooo pretty mahilas/kudis,how are you all doing???
Today am back with another review of another foundation.Ya ya ya ...again,but kya karen am always trying(and buying) new ones....and have ample excuses to do so.
This one today is  the MAC studio fix powder foundation.Its a all in one thingie...perfect for lazy souls like me.....
here's the review

What  It Claims:
From the site and the net.
Studio Fix is a powder and foundation in one that combines good coverage with ease of application! One-step application of foundation and powder! Designed to be used dry, the powder and pigments create a matte, velvety texture! It contains Silica, which helps to maintain a matte finish by absorbing oils on the skin as well as Talc to provide a smoother, less reflective, matte finish! The talc has been milled to a microscopic size to provide a beautiful texture while allowing the skin to breathe! Gives skin a smooth, flawless, all-matte, full-coverage finish! Long-wearing: lasts for up to eight hours! A real all-in-one! The choice of Pros and a long time favourite of MAC fans! It is available in a wide range of colours! It can be applied with a brush, sponge or a powder puff!

15 g / .52 oz

Price ...ahem ahem.....1600 INR.

What is the studio fix powder foundation.
First why did I even want one...

  • I have so many  4 actually liquid ones and 2 souffle ones .Also a powder one.But I did not have powder one from  MAC, you see::P
  • liquid foundations are time consuming and have to be blended really well or they can look streaky...which again means hard wanted something quick and easy..esp.when I want to go to work...
  • Its terribly hot and humid in Mumbai and I wanted a matte look for the summers.
  • Are these enough...the excuses I mean??these were what I gave my husband too and he seemed  pretty least I like to believe that he was....

The product
It comes in a classic black flip top case with a nice  click to indicate proper locking .Beneath the powder is a compartment which holds a sponge.It also has a mirror which I love.I do not use the sponge often.
I use it with my buffer brush for medium coverage.

What I Love Love Love about it??
  • its a super soft velvety sheer finish powder foundation.The shade I use is NC 42.It gives me a good coverage(medium to full).Its a buildable product.When used with sponge the coverage will be medium to full.When used with kabuki brush the coverage is sheer to medium.
  • No fragrance.
  • The finish is matte and lasts long around 4-5 hours(claims of 8 hours are not really true.Maybe its the weather here :(()
  • Its super easy to use and I love the fact that even novices can use it
  • It does not look cakey if blended well with the kabuki.
  • I do not prime my face everyday since summers have gone...but I moisturize really well ,so it does not flake or dry.
  • It has not broken me out(have been using it for almost a month now).
  • It controls the oiliness well for 4 hours in an AC environment.
  • this is my HG foundation...(as of now)
  • This will really last long... almost One month since used and not even dented yet!!
What I did not like :
There should have been a kabuki brush from MAC alongwith(GRREEEDDYY)).
other than that me cant complain!!
Will I repurchase???
Rating 4.5 /5
-0.5 for no brush
Have you guys used this????
Ty it out!!


fahee said... want one too..

Nivedita said...

Now I want one

Calicoaster said...

Nice review also eyeing this.... :D

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@fahee....try it sure you will fall in love..
@nivi.....heheheh buy:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
@kimi,,,thanks...i know you have oily combi skin....will suit you

Unknown said...

nice review shivani :)

Corallista said...

Nice review Shivani!! This one seems to be suiting you wonderfully!! I'll try Studio fix next time I'm headed to MAC! You used groundwork and dark diversion? Kaisa laga :D ?

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said... using groundwork every day...and like it
however the dark diversion is very brown on me.....not like i expected plummy:(

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@bhumika...thanku !!

Karishma said...

i was almost about to buy it. i tried it from MAC store, it has grate coverage but it is heavy stuff. it was hard to maintain on my oily skin, finally decided not to buy it
great review shivani!!

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@ginger ..i have a oily complexiona s well combi oily does give a matte look..also when used with a kabuki it looksvery natural...

Kajal Couture said...

Hmmm, although Studio Fix is too drying for me here in the US, I think it would be perfect for when I travel to India! Is it bad to have a foundation just for travels? =)

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hey works well for mumbai weather and oily skins....
and no its not bad at all to buy makeup for travel ;)

estelle said...

hello shivani
nice review..i reside in kandivali west,im very sceptical to purchase from phoenix mills, how do u find mac advisors at inorbit ?? i just hate the idea of having a wrong shade,do u buy them after testing or check in natural daylight too..want to buy mac select cover up concealer,studio fix or studio tech very oily skin,hyper pigmentation on temples...plzz advise..thanks a lot..estelle

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

hey estelle ....see i had a not so good experience earlier at MAc palladium...this time around the MUA was super sweet and helpful...the first time i was given a wrong concelaer shade...then i went to mac inorbot where the muas namrata and pooja are very good!!
also ths time at mac palladium I had the form of mac addict/ makeup guru friends...they were suuchhhh a help....
my advice is go there ..try different product ..waitfor an hour or two before buyin.
also i would strongly recommend inorbit,,,its so close to your place wish i lived in kandivili malad area..........

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@ estelle
also regarding concelaers if you want super coverage try studio finish....i have selct cover up as well but i prefer the former....also for foundations try this one studio fix powder..they aslo have a studo fix liquid with matte efect you can try that too
have heard good reviews about studio tech too foundation as well as concealer...
havent tried them though

estelle said...

hey shivani,

thanks a lot for ur quick replies...reallllly apppreciate it...

Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

u r welcome!!

sara_sagacious said...

Very clean and professional, and your posts are very informative.
Thank you.
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Dr Shivani Sud Thakur said...

@sara _sagacious...thank u so much:)